1. Specialized course in the United States of America (Washington and New York) on legal education in the United States from 3/9/2006 to 20/9/2006. US Department of State.
2. Workshop on interactive teaching methods in law. American Bar Association. From 16-18 December 2005.
3. Practical legal skills. American Bar Association. USAID. 20 hours. 3/2006.
4. Workshop in Commercial Law. American Bar Association. Program Excellence.
5. Workshop in international and domestic business transactions. Lawyers Syndicate.
6. Workshop in draft contracts. American Bar Association. Program Excellence.
7. Workshop on the International Trade Agreement. American Bar Association. Program Excellence.
8. Workshop at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. American Bar Association. Program Excellence.
9. Workshop on legal research. American Bar Association. Amman. 11/11/2006.
10. Educational workshop for the new faculty members with 12 credit hours in the office of developing the teaching process at the University of Jordan. 1999.
11. Workshop on strategic planning for senior leaders. University of Jordan. From 15-19 / 1/2006.
12. Training Workshop on Blackboard Software dated 11/9/2007. King Abdullah II College of Information Technology – University of Jordan.
13. Participation in the roundtable on Migrant Workers, Tamkeen Center, Amman, Jordan, 8/11/2009.